Safeguarding Children Initiative (SCI) Team

As a team of professionals working in the field of child abuse, we identified an immediate and critical need to train those adults who have any contact with children. We heard the request from the community for, practical advice and education on child protection.


It soon became apparent there was a desire across all sectors to both learn and
contribute expertise, and so the Safeguarding Children Initiative was born.
Its success is its practical approach to a difficult and stressful subject which is delivered by passionate, front-line practitioners to a community who care and want to make a difference.


We’ve heard it before: it takes a village to raise a child. We can be brilliant at building safeguarding villages which provide a safe world for every child to grow, thrive and reach their potential.


All the presenters for the Safeguarding Children Initiative seminars are experienced professionals who work on the frontline.


They know what it’s like to worry about a child or young person, how hard it is make a Report of Concern or share information about a situation you are concerned about, and what it’s like to face the realities of safeguarding children and young people. They are all real people who face real situations, the same as the attendees.

willow-duffy-safeguarding-children-initiative neil-kitchen-safeguarding-children-initiative john-parsons-safeguarding-children-initiative nick-baker-safeguarding-children-initiative francie-hampton esther cowell louise petzold
From left to right: Willow Duffy, Neil Kitchen, John Parsons, Dr. Nick Baker, Francie Hampton, Esther Cowell, Louise Petzold


Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is made of people who have a are deeply concerned about child neglect and abuse, and are utterly committed to stopping it.


They understand the barriers, and are determined to overcome them to make New Zealand a better place for all children.
annette-milligan-safeguarding-children-initiative willow-duffy-safeguarding-children-initiative neil-kitchen-safeguarding-children-initiative keith-marshall-safeguarding-children-initiative geoff-mullen-safeguarding-children-inititive lisa dunn chris meade


From left to right: Annette Milligan, Willow Duffy, Neil Kitchen, Keith Marshall, Geoff Mullen, Lisa Dunn, Chris Meade


Founding Members
The founding members come from a wide variety of backgrounds.


The profiles below show the expertise that has given this child protection initiative such a powerful start.


They all understood from the beginning that in order to bring about maximum success they needed the support, help and knowledge of other professionals in the field of child protection.


Together we can make a difference.


annette-milligan-safeguarding-children-initiative willow-duffy-safeguarding-children-initiative neil-kitchen-safeguarding-children-initiative kate-bolton-safeguarding-children-initiative


From left to right: Annette Milligan, Willow Duffy, Neil Kitchen, Kate Bolton

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