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SCI Board Members And Presenters




The presenters on the Safeguarding Children Initiative are all experts in their respective areas of work. All have or do work extensively on the front line.


The Seminar attendees receive valuable training from passionate child safety experts. This is your chance to talk to them and ask questions that you need answering.


Willow Duffy


Willow Duffy is a Registered Nurse, Midwife and specialist Community Public Health Nurse Practitioner (Health Visitor) who trained in the UK. Since coming to New Zealand Willow has worked as a Plunket Nurse and currently works as a sexual health nurse at INP Medical Clinic.


This work includes forensic examinations and support of those who have experienced sexual assault. Willow has extensive experience working one on one with vulnerable families and children, in particular, child protection and family violence. This work includes identifying need and vulnerability through a risk assessment methodology, and working collaboratively with the family, CYFS and the Police to ensure that the family remains child-focused and the child is safe.


What makes the Safeguarding Children Initiative work is that we are real people working on the front line with a vast amount of experience in identifying neglect, abuse and the vulnerable.


“Working with children and families is my passion. Sharing my knowledge is my commitment to this community and the other professionals that I work with. What motivates me is working with a team of inspirational people and that includes those in the audience, the communities and the families who benefit”


Neil Kitchen


Neil Kitchen is a Detective with the New Zealand Police with 28 years of experience. Neil trained as a Police officer in the UK and since transferring to New Zealand with his family in 2008 has worked in the area of Child Protection over several recent years.


His work has included dealing with victims and offenders both adult, and children and their families, co-ordinating a multi-agency approach, which engages health professionals, Child, Youth and Family, victim support groups, the legal profession and the Police.


Whilst accepting Child protection work is difficult and challenging, Neil says the work is without doubt the most rewarding of his career.


“My work with the child protection team has focused me to the needs of the victims, of what can be horrific crime. In line with the Prevention First model of the New Zealand Police it has been a pleasure to work with such a passionate team, dedicated to developing and delivering a sustainable relevant prevention initiative. It is a well-known adage` it takes a village to raise a child`, our aim is to help to build those villages by focusing community minds to a common standard, to enable children to reach their full potential in a safe, violence free environment.”


Important information

Call 111 in emergencies.
If you can’t decide whether it’s a real emergency and you’re still worried, call 111 and ask us. We’ll help you work out what to do.


John Parsons


John Parsons is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant to schools the private sector and the health sector, providing specialist advice and direction on the safe use of Digital Communication Technology. He delivers workshops to those who work with young people in areas of health, education and safety. His focus is child protection. He works with families and young people who have become ensnared by predatory adults across digital networks.

John Parsons BIT, DipIct5, DipIct6
Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant
M: 027 746 9877


The rights of children
Promoting the rights of children, to be judged fairly recognizing their rights to use communication technology safely and with respect for themselves and others is the foundation upon which I deliver my classroom workshops.


Information Technology and the importance of empathy
John regularly delivers workshops to young people identifying the benefits of using information technology ethically to support the individual rights of youth and the collective rights of the family.


“Safeguarding Children Initiative has given me the opportunity to present to hundreds of people and provide them with my front line experiences when working with children, families and adults who often require support, guidance and road maps out of potentially dangerous situations or emerging conflict. I feel very privileged to work alongside my fellow presenters. They are all front line workers and this is the key to the success that has been achieved so far”


Development and Specialist Training
John provides specialist training to teachers and professionals who work in the areas of child protection and health and safety.


John teaches in class to Primary, Intermediate and College age students


Resource Provider
John is co-developer of cutting edge Internet Heath Safety education now being delivered in Schools and to adult learning groups. He is also the editor of the Nelson Crime Watch newsletter. A collaboration between Simulate 2 Educate Limited, Nelson Police and SeniorNet Nelson


Dr. Nick Baker


Dr Nick Baker is a General and Community Paediatrician and Executive Clinical Director Community Based Services for the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board. He is an active member of various professional groups, is a past President of the Paediatric Society of New Zealand after election for two terms.


Since 2008 Nick has been Chair of the New Zealand Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee developing a national network of groups that work to identify, address and potentially decrease the numbers of infant, child and youth deaths.


He also Chairs the South Island Child Health Alliance. Nick’s areas of interest are preventive healthcare, child health policy and administrative structures, community involvement in health, training health professionals, developing educational resources for the general public, advocacy for children and youth, the impact of physical environments and consumer products on health, paediatric infectious diseases and quality improvement.


Nick believes that vulnerable children should, as of right, be better supported by a whole-of-community approach that lessens their disadvantage and supports them to reach their potential. A focus on services like Child, Youth and Family to “rescue” children once problems have arisen misses key opportunities to intervene, especially for infants where intervention is typically too late and normal development can never occur.


Annette Milligan


Annette Milligan is a Registered Nurse with a teaching background who combines the worlds of education and health. In 1989 she founded the award-winning INP Medical Clinic which is a women’s health and family planning clinic. In 1995, Annette co-founded Ramazzini, an occupational health company, and in 2000 co-founded Health Click which produces resources to teach about sexuality, especially to those with learning disabilities.


Annette is the Clinical Director for Women, Child, Youth for the Nelson-Marlborough District Health Board. Her business experience extends to professional directorships and at this time is a director of Network Tasman Ltd, an electricity lines company.


“I believe that everyone has the right to growing up in a safe and supportive environment so that they can reach their full potential. My commitment to the Safeguarding Children Initiative is based on the belief that all children and young people have a right to be safe, and that all adults who come into contact with them have a responsibility to see a child who is vulnerable, and equip themselves with the skills to ensure that child is protected from neglect and harm. With knowledge, skills and support, we can all make a difference to children and young people”.


Phyllis Kohe

Phyllis Kohe is a Supervisor at Family Start.

Lynne Bruning

Lynne Bruning is a Social Worker at Family Start.

Board Members


The founding members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The profiles below show the expertise that has given this child protection initiative such a powerful start.


They all understood from the beginning that in order to bring about maximum success they needed the support, help and knowledge of other professionals in the field of child protection.


Together we can make a difference.


Annette Milligan

Willow Duffy

Neil Kitchen

Keith Marshall

Geoff Mullen


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