Dr. Nick Baker

Dr Nick Baker is a General and Community Paediatrician and Executive Clinical Director Community Based Services for the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board. He is an active member of various professional groups, is a past President of the Paediatric Society of New Zealand after election for two terms.


Since 2008 Nick has been Chair of the New Zealand Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee developing a national network of groups that work to identify, address and potentially decrease the numbers of infant, child and youth deaths.


He also Chairs the South Island Child Health Alliance. Nick’s areas of interest are preventive healthcare, child health policy and administrative structures, community involvement in health, training health professionals, developing educational resources for the general public, advocacy for children and youth, the impact of physical environments and consumer products on health, paediatric infectious diseases and quality improvement.


Nick believes that vulnerable children should, as of right, be better supported by a whole-of-community approach that lessens their disadvantage and supports them to reach their potential. A focus on services like Child, Youth and Family to “rescue” children once problems have arisen misses key opportunities to intervene, especially for infants where intervention is typically too late and normal development can never occur.


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