John Parsons

John Parsons is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant to schools the private sector and the health sector, providing specialist advice and direction on the safe use of Digital Communication Technology. He delivers workshops to those who work with young people in areas of health, education and safety. His focus is child protection. He works with families and young people who have become ensnared by predatory adults across digital networks.


John Parsons BIT, DipIct5, DipIct6
Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant
M: 027 746 9877


The rights of children

Promoting the rights of children, to be judged fairly recognizing their rights to use communication technology safely and with respect for themselves and others is the foundation upon which I deliver my classroom workshops.


Information Technology and the importance of empathy

John regularly delivers workshops to young people identifying the benefits of using information technology ethically to support the individual rights of youth and the collective rights of the family.


“Safeguarding Children Initiative has given me the opportunity to present to hundreds of people and provide them with my front line experiences when working with children, families and adults who often require support, guidance and road maps out of potentially dangerous situations or emerging conflict. I feel very privileged to work alongside my fellow presenters. They are all front line workers and this is the key to the success that has been achieved so far”


Development and Specialist Training

John provides specialist training to teachers and professionals who work in the areas of child protection and health and safety.



John teaches in class to Primary, Intermediate and College age students


Resource Provider

John is co-developer of cutting edge Internet Heath Safety education now being delivered in Schools and to adult learning groups. He is also the editor of the Nelson Crime Watch newsletter. A collaboration between Simulate 2 Educate Limited, Nelson Police and SeniorNet Nelson


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