Neil Kitchen

Neil Kitchen joined the Police in the United Kingdom in 1985, specialising in Intelligence and Organised Crime detection. He transferred to the New Zealand Police in 2008, working for 2 years in Auckland before transfering to Nelson. He has chosen to work in the area of child protection over the past few years.


His work has included dealing with victims and offenders both adult, and children and their families, co-ordinating a multi-agency approach, which engages health professionals, Child, Youth and Family, victim support groups, the legal profession and the Police.


Whilst accepting Child protection work is difficult and challenging, Neil says the work is without doubt the most rewarding of his career.


“My work with the child protection team has focused me to the needs of the victims, of what can be horrific crime. In line with the Prevention First model of the New Zealand Police it has been a pleasure to work with such a passionate team, dedicated to developing and delivering a sustainable relevant prevention initiative. It is a well-known adage` it takes a village to raise a child`, our aim is to help to build those villages by focusing community minds to a common standard, to enable children to reach their full potential in a safe, violence free environment.”


Important information

Call 111 in emergencies.If you can’t decide whether it’s a real emergency and you’re still worried, call 111 and ask us. We’ll help you work out what to do.


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