Willow Duffy

Willow is SCI’s General Manager, a presenter for SCI, trustee and one of the four founding members of SCI.


Willow worked has worked as a nurse for almost 30 years. Willow also qualified as a midwife and then completed a BSc (Hons) as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse Practitioner (Health Visitor) in the UK. Throughout her career Willow received training and support about identifying abuse and neglect in children and young people. In particular her role as a Health Visitor ignited her passion for Safeguarding Children and child protection after she had the opportunity to work as part of a dynamic multi-agency team at the height of rapid changes within the UK in relation to child protection.


Willow learnt the importance of inter-agency collaboration and cooperation in relation to child protection. Willow is a great supporter of child protection supervision for professionals to ensure everyone remains child focused. In addition to papers as part of the BSc (Hons) course she also attended 3 levels of child protection training, case analysis and child protection supervisor training. The expert knowledge and skills she gained helped her in a new role in New Zealand when she worked as a Plunket Nurse. Willow continues to be a driving force for SCI, her determination and tenacity to improve outcomes for children is limitless and her role in SCI utilises her skills to do so perfectly.


In 2015 Willow became a member of the Children’s Action Plan Competency Framework Design Team.


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