Our Story

Our Story

In 2011, three community nurses in Nelson with child protection expertise and a detective from the local child protection team recognised there was a desperate unmet need for child protection training and guidance in New Zealand.

Lack of training and guidance is a significant barrier to protecting children in need or at risk, and a contributing factor to New Zealand’s poor record on child abuse and neglect. Our team also recognised that community engagement was crucial. Safeguarding Children was born.

The founding team established a registered charity, appointed a skilled and dedicated Board and found funding via philanthropic trusts.  Our reputation grew and demand increased to the point where we were able to appoint permanent team members rather than trying to run everything in our spare time.

We are now a well-established charity sustained through a combination of fee-paying services and grants/donations, underpinned by strong governance.

The success of Safeguarding Children is our practical approach to a difficult and emotive subject. All our training is delivered by passionate advocates with experience in child protection.

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