We are the proud founders and sponsors of Child Safeguarding Week in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We want every week to be child safeguarding week. Every day, every week, our children need to be protected from abuse and neglect everywhere they go. The purpose of Child Safeguarding Week is to raise awareness, support and educate, and to spread the word about what you can do to help protect the children across Aotearoa New Zealand. We strongly believe and always promote the notion that safeguarding children and child protection takes people, services, agencies and communities working together. If everybody does their piece of the puzzle, children will be safer everywhere they go.

We promise to continue to do our work to help the children and young people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you are interested in partnering with us to sponsor Child Safeguarding Week ongoing, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Safeguarding Children are celebrating 11 years in existence, having now trained over 33,000 of the workforce in child protection.

2021 was our 10th anniversary which seemed the perfect year to begin the co-ordination of child safeguarding week as one of the ways to mark this milestone for our organisation.

Safeguarding Children works with organisations, assisting them to become safer places for children to be.

We know there is always more that everyone can do to prevent child abuse and neglect and effectively respond to it when it does happen.

We hope you can join us and promote this week widely to get as many people on board as possible.

So what can you do?


Check out our Supporter Toolkit.

Get ideas on how you can promote Child Safeguarding Week to your community. It’s not too late, get started today!

Are your children protected from abuse at the places they go?
We need you to sign our petition to change The Children’s Act (2014).
😡  It isn’t doing enough to protect our children from people who are a risk to them at the places they go.
😡  It only applies to organisations that receive government funding, yet your children will attend organisations, clubs and groups that receive no government funding.
😡  It doesn’t include police vetting or reference checking of volunteers, meaning a volunteer wanting to sexually abuse a child can slip through, and they do.
😡  It’s not good enough. Children deserve better and so do we as parents and carers.
Click on the link below to sign.



Please find below some of the ways you can help to promote this week and also resources you can download to use during this week.

Watch this FREE 30-minute webinar:

Parents and caregivers have high levels of concern, expectation and trust in organisations to keep children in their care safe,
yet there is a disconnect between their expectations and the actions organisations take to ensure children are safe.

This webinar will introduce you to the core elements of a child-safe organisation, and the steps organisations can take to make their place safer for children. You will be guided to the development work your organisation needs to move forward on this journey.


Click here to watch our recorded webinar on Child-Safe Organisations

Apply this Facebook Cover Photo

Click on the below image to download and then edit your Facebook Cover Photo.

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Display Poster

Click on the image to download an A3 size poster.

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Use these banners

Use them on your email signature, your website, or Child Safeguarding Week resources. Click on image below to download.


Email Signature Banners  Website Banners
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Children's Voice Activity

Click on the below image to download a children’s voice activity. Click here to download the adults guide sheet for this activity.



Parent Resource

Click on the below image to download questions to ask organisations about your child’s safety.



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