eLearning: Foundations of Child Protection

Our online eLearning course helps you understand your responsibilities in relation to child protection. It’s essential for all people who work with children.


Never has child protection been higher on the national agenda.


Recent legislative changes in the Vulnerable Children’s Act has brought new responsibilities to individuals and organisations in the children’s workforce, and recent publicity of child abuse cases has sparked important public debate and a desire for change.


eLearning: Foundations of Child Protection gives you the tools to understand the legal and ethical perspectives of child protection and help you support vulnerable children in your care.


You can opt to receive a certificate on completion to evidence your professional development.


Duration of the course:


5 lessons of about 2 hours all together


Access the course:



This course is available to ANYONE and EVERYONE – members of the public as well as anyone who comes in contact with children and young people through their work.


To receive access to the eLearning package, click on the “Register” button below and follow the process through.



On completion of the registration form you will receive an automated email from SCI’s website with your login information.


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By the end of this course you will:


• Be aware of the signs and symptoms of possible abuse and neglect.


• Be aware of your own responsibilities and what to do if you have concerns about a child or young person.


• Know how to make a referral to CYFS or the Police if you have concerns about a child or young person




SCI produced a short video with a survivor of child abuse. Sarah* is an advocate of SCI. She says many people knew she was being abused but they looked the other way, and the work of organisations like SCI is crucial if fewer children are to endure what she did.


*Sarah is not her real name, her identify has been protected


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