Grooming Legislation Submission

Our CEO, Willow Duffy has completed a submission in regards to the Crimes (Child Exploitation Offences) Amendment Bill.

Currently, the Crimes Act 1961 131B only relates to online grooming. Furthermore, the Crimes (Child Exploitation Offences) Amendment Bill does not go far enough to protect children and young people.  We want a full review of the legislation to reflect the complexity of grooming and how it occurs. 

Grooming can happen in person as well as online. The Crimes Act 1961 does not include grooming by someone in an institution, community or family situation. There are many situations where the child is known to the perpetrator prior to or without any electronic communication. Examples of grooming being used as a tactical behaviour to enable child abuse in New Zealand can be found in the media and The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care. 

Click here to read Willow’s submission.