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Please note, this is an individual registration form. We no longer take group / phone / email registrations. Only one seminar certificate will be sent per email address and only one seat will be reserved per registration.


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Seminar Series : Level 1 : Child protection training




Join the other 3,500 people across the Top of the South region who have attended these innovative child protection seminars. Become safeguarding champion, ensuring your organization and community responds appropriately to child abuse and neglect.


To do nothing is not enough.


Seminar includes presentations for skilled and innovative people who will educate and empower you to always do the right thing for children and young people.


  • Thought provoking case reviews
  • How to recognize signs of abuse and neglect
  • What to do, who to go to, your role, dilemmas
  • Child protection policies, what they are and why
  • Long term effects of abuse and neglect
  • Privacy Act demystified
  • Internet health and safety


The seminars are for ANYONE and EVERYONE – members of the public as well as anyone who comes in contact with children and young people through their work.


If you are worried about a child or have been worried before you should come to the seminar near you.



Seminar Series : Level 2 : Child protection training




Child Protection Policy


SCI are now offering seminars to help you develop robust child protection policies and procedures no matter which organisation you represent or are connected to.


Whether you or your organisation works directly or indirectly with children even in a voluntary capacity we all must take responsibility for child protection to create ‘child-safe’ organisations. Perhaps as a parent you would like to know more about how Child Protection Policies and safe recruitment keeps your children safe when they are away from you attending school or a leisure activity.


These workshops are aimed at anyone wanting to develop a safeguarding/child protection policy and procedures tailored to the type of contact that your organisation has with children. You will also learn about The Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014, The Children’s Action Plan and Children’s Teams.


More seminars coming soon


Attachment, Vulnerability & Child Development

SCI are delighted to present seminars on attachment and vulnerability theory and its role in protecting children. Fully understanding the development needs of young children can alert us to the damaging risk of neglect and abuse, resulting in early interventions before long term harm has occurred.


Attachment and vulnerability theory is a useful basis for understanding neglect and abuse, as it demonstrates linkages between a carer’s own childhood and their adult mental health, their approach to relationships and their parenting style. Secure attachment is a protective factor, hence enabling its development within children and also parents is likely to increase the probability of better child and family outcomes.


This seminar is aimed at anyone who works with or supports children, families and parents. and interested community members. Even if you are supporting adults who are parents this seminar will be of interest to you.


More seminars coming soon

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