Tailored Support


SCI works with organisations to help them develop a whole systems approach to child protection. Support can range from developing or reviewing child protection policies and/or creating child protection systems, to training staff, creating bespoke learning and presenting at conferences.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact Willow Duffy.

Safeguarding Capacity Development

As part of our consultancy programme, we’re working with organisations on community development projects. We begin with a survey of staff to find out what assistance they need to support children and respond to concerns of abuse and neglect, and review or help create a child protection policy and procedures. Once the policy has been completed, staff are trained. We then support the organisation to embed their policy in everyday practice.

Finally, we review staff again over time to measure results. Staff report more confidence and skill in handling child protection concerns, with some organisations seeing this increase by more than 70 per cent.

One staff member told us: “I have had a student disclosure since the workshop. I knew how to handle it and what to do with the information. It helped me know how to best support the student during the disclosure and I was then able to describe to them what steps I would take next.”

We’re looking to work with more organisations in the coming months. Please contact Louise Petzold if you’re interested.