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Child Protection Policies

After working in partnership with thousands of people in Aotearoa New Zealand we know that child protection training alone is not enough. A strong child protection culture of an organisation is fundamental to guiding and supporting those in key positions. Serious case reviews highlight the need to create a consistent, systematic approach to identify and respond effectively to concerns. These are the roles of your Child Protection Policies and Procedures.

Child Protection Policies and Procedures should send out a clear message inside and outside the organisation of your commitment to the protection of children and young people. They should provide consistency in recognition and responses to child abuse and neglect and provide clear and easy to follow guidance. More importantly, they should support staff to remain child focused throughout the process and act as a deterrent to those who may want to abuse children and seek out roles working with children.

Let our expert team help you develop workable and robust Child Protection Policies and Procedures or use our innovative audit tool to help you review your current system.