SCI’s Child
Protection Policy

Safeguarding Children Initiative (SCI) recognises that the safety and well being of children and young people is of paramount importance.

At times SCI are faced with disclosures from attendees who have concerns about the safety and welfare of a child or young person whilst attending our seminars either face to face or via email. SCI will always endeavour to encourage that person to pass on their concerns about the child or young person to Oranga Tamariki or the Police in the form of a Report of Concern.

Should a situation occur were the informant feels unable to make a Report of Concern to Oranga Tamariki or the Police then SCI will not keep that information in confidence if they believe doing so will continue to leave the child or young person in a dangerous or harmful situation.

SCI will always tell the informant of their intention to share that information with Oranga Tamariki or the Police and if requested ensure that the identity of the informant remains anonymous.

At times SCI may make contact with the informant to ensure that they have made a Report of Concern if they indicated they felt able to do so at the time of disclosure. If during that contact it transpires a Report of Concern was not lodged then SCI will inform the informant that SCI are unable to hold onto that information about a risk to a child or young person and that SCI will lodge a Report of Concern. The informant will always be informed that SCI are intending to lodge a Report of Concern with Oranga Tamariki or the Police and if requested the identity of the informant will remain anonymous.

SCI will always encourage informants to remain child focused and that the welfare of the child is of paramount importance.

All staff employed by SCI (including volunteers) will be made familiar with our Safeguarding / child protection policy within 1 week of beginning their role within SCI. All staff shall attend initial safeguarding / child protection training offered by SCI as soon as a course becomes available, but definitely within 2 months of working for SCI.

All staff members (including volunteers, trustees and board members) will be police checked before starting in their roles for SCI. Robust recruitment process will be followed which will include references from a current or most recent employer, a past employer and a character reference.