Worried About a Child?

Sometimes it is the quality of the information you pass on to Oranga Tamariki and the Police that makes all the difference to protecting a child or young person. Even passing on a car registration number to the police is enough to identify a child you are concerned about.

A Report of Concern is the term used by Oranga Tamariki and the Police for the information you provide.

Below we have listed the information that Safeguarding Children believes makes it easier for Oranga Tamariki or the Police to identify the child / young person or concerning adult and for them to understand your concerns:

  • Name of child or young person
  • If known, date of birth or approximate age
  • If known, address or place of residence
  • If known, contact phone numbers
  • Name(s) of any other children in household/whanau/group/team
  • Name(s) of parent/caregiver
  • Name(s) of any other adults in household/whanau/group/team
  • Name(s) of adult you are concerned about and their relationship or connection to the child
  • School, Early Childhood Centre or group(s) attended
  • Name of GP or Plunket nurse
  • What are you concerned about?
  • What have you seen or heard?
  • Who was present when you noticed something?
  • When did it happen?
  • What did the child say?  Use speech marks.     
  • What did the adult say or do that concerned you? Use speech marks.
  • Is it a one-off incident or always occurring?
  • If injury is present or disclosed, provide detail of where on the body. If you have one, use a body map and indicate left and right hand sides.
  • Using the child or adult’s own words, record how the injury happened and any other details disclosed. Use speech marks.
  • Provide details of any questions you have asked and the response given. Use speech marks.
  • What have you done to safeguard or protect the child?
  • Who else is aware of or shares your concern(s)?
  • Have you spoken to the child’s family of your concern(s)? If not, detail why. For example, fear of child’s or own safety.
  • Do the family know you are making a Report of Concern? If yes, what was their response?
  • If you have any reason to believe that a child will be at increased risk of harm as a result of submitting the Report of Concern, please ensure you highlight this concern in your report.
  • Include your full name, job title or relationship to child or young person. Also, your contact number and name of organisation.
  • We encourage you not to remain anonymous and to include your details in the report. This provides the agency you file the report with the option to contact you for more detail or clarification if necessary.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your report and clearly state the reason why. Ensure you have included as much detail as possible as the agency will be unable to contact you for more detail or clarification.


You can download this information here.

Remaining anonymous means the other information you provide must be accurate as Oranga Tamariki or the Police will have no way of contacting you to clarify things.


Keep a copy of your Report of Concern for yourself or your organisation.

A Report of Concern can be made by calling 0508 FAMILY (0508 326 459)
or by Fax: 09 914 1211 or Email: contact@ot.govt.nz