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The vital role our eLearning is playing in giving adults the tools to help vulnerable children has been recognised at the New Zealand Charities Technology Awards 2017. 


Needless to say, we’re delighted! 


Our award was for best small to medium enterprise connecting communities through technology. The judges recognised that our online, child protection training is helping people who work with children make a difference for kids they believe may be being neglected or abused.


Safeguarding Children Initiative is changing the lives of children and the people who work with them.


We offer training in child protection for participants. Safeguarding Children Initiative is a registered charitable organisation which aims to reduce child abuse in New Zealand by delivering evidence-based seminars and eLearning for participants.


In 6 years 7000 people across the Top of the South, West Coast and now the North Island have attended the seminars and more than 3,000 people have completed our eLearning with astonishing outcomes that make a difference.



The driving force behind this initiative are 4 leading professionals from Police, Nursing and Well Child. You can read about their backgrounds and experience here



Child abuse is any form of physical, emotional or sexual mistreatment or lack of care that leads to injury or harm. It commonly occurs within a relationship of trust or responsibility and is an abuse of power or a breach of trust. Abuse can happen to a child regardless of their age, gender, race or ability.


Many people who attend say that the training we offer is the most informative and practical they have ever attended.


Safeguarding Children Seminar

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