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Our vision: The children and young people of Aotearoa New Zealand are safe from abuse and neglect. 

Safeguarding Children is a registered charity (cc49059) and a leading provider of safeguarding and child protection education and support in New Zealand.

We have trained over 16,500 New Zealanders to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect and know what to do about it.

We work with large national organisations to small community groups and individuals.

Child protection education is not compulsory for people who work with children and young people in New Zealand – we believe it should be.

Our country has one of the worst records of child abuse and neglect in any developed country.


We are here to support you . . .

We hope you and your families are staying safe and well during these unprecedented times.

The current situation brings added stress to families. If you work with potentially vulnerable children you may be concerned for their wellbeing at the moment. As always, please don’t look away if you witness or hear about child abuse or family violence, or are worried about a child.  Now, more than ever, the children and young people of New Zealand need the adults around them to keep them safe. You can find more information on child abuse and neglect, and what steps you can take, on our FAQ page.

All our online courses remain available, and we are finding many people are taking this time to catch up on continuing professional development. While no face-to-face workshops and seminars are running, we are offering webinars. We train your team virtually, and make the recording available as a learning resource for your organisation.

Our team are all working remotely, so feel free to contact us.

Kia kaha, The Safeguarding team


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