Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy Development & Audit Tool

Writing a policy document can be a daunting task for anyone and knowing where or how to start is one of the biggest obstacles.  Developed by a nationally recognized subject expert, this guide is an essential tool for any individual responsible for implementing a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy or reviewing an existing one.  It provides an example framework for the content of an organisation’s policy to ensure the essentials are covered. Digital copies will be provided.


Guide to Creating a Safeguarding Code of Conduct

A Safeguarding Code of Conduct provides guidance on appropriate and expected standards of behaviour of those working or volunteering in an organisation towards tamariki and rangatahi.  This resource provides constructive guidance to key points of shared practice.  It helps to provide planning content and monitoring and review processes. Digital copies will be provided.​


Essential Safeguarding and Child Protection Bundle

We have distilled our many years experience working with organisations large and small into a set of resources that form an essential guide to developing or enhancing your child protection policy and procedures. When choosing to purchase both our resources we offer a combined price package. Digital copies will be provided. This toolkit includes:

  • Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy Development & Audit Tool
  • Guide to Creating a Safeguarding Code of Conduct


Report of Concern

Sometimes it is the quality of the information you pass on to Oranga Tamariki and the Police that makes all the difference to protecting a child or young person. Even passing on a car registration number to the police is enough to identify a child you are concerned about.  A Report of Concern is the term used by Oranga Tamariki and the Police for the information you provide.  Please download our Report of Concern resource for further information.

Support Services

It is important to seek support and guidance if you feel concerned. For more helpful links/contacts please download our Support Services resource.

Information Sharing Provisions

The information sharing provisions apply to a large group of government agencies, non-government organisations, health and education services. This download provides a detailed list of these. Any agency covered by this list can request information from another agency under Section 66C of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989.